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Dates & Locations:

Run & Gun

Box Lacrosse League 

Fall Session Sept - October 2022

Spring Session March - April

 Tustin Heritage C Park: 2350 Kinsman, 92780 (near Tustin Ranch road and Irvine Blvd)

Arena Soccer park of Orange: 2190 N Canal St. Orange, CA 92865


Girls: Tues / Thursday

Boys: Weds / Friday

teams are formed from the individual sign ups

Approx. 45 minutes of play time with halftimes. Plan for a 1 hour increment, within your age group time slot. Games start between 3:45pm and 8pm Tuesday-Friday. NO Weekends.


Players are placed on teams of 10 – 17 players, who play 2 games per week.
Round robin schedule and then participate in playoffs during final week.
Rosters & Schedule will be posted one week prior to league start.



2nd/3rd/4th grade

5th/6th grade

7th/8th grade


2nd/3rd/4th grade

5th/6th grade

7th/8th grade

**Final division levels may shift based on sign ups number & talent. 
Director will decide the best format for the most balanced and competitive game opportunities.


The goal of the Run & Gun league is to provide a fast paced and fun game of lacrosse, where players get to play ball.  Stick work, footwork, creativity and teamwork are fostered as players are forced to make quick decisions on the court.

Coaching & Equipment:

Box coaches are provided for each team for the games but teams do not practice outside of the game schedule.

Players are responsible for own gear: Lacrosse helmet & Stick, Armpads, shoulder pads, gloves, mouthpiece, (optional protective cup.) league game Jersey provided. 

Some gear packages may be available to rent.

Girls equipment: Only need stick, goggles & mouthpiece same as field games

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